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Find a level to suit your skills

We know there are many different ways of classifying our riding ability - sometimes it even depends on the day! But this guide below will give you an idea of how we classify our programs. If you have any questions about which class or level to book, please get in touch with us!


  • You have ridden a bike before, but...

  • You are brand-new to mountain biking or have never mountain biked before

  • You might not have been on a bike in years!

  • You are riding some Green trails

  • You have never had any skills coaching before and want to build fundamental MTB skills

  • You want to build confidence and have fun!

  • You may have done a different discipline of bike riding previously, like Road, Gravel or Rail Trail -


  • You have attended a Beginner MTB skills session/course

  • You have been riding for a while but...
    - You haven't had any formal skills coaching
    - You have picked up some bad habits you want to correct

  • You are feeling confident on Green trails

  • You are riding Blue trails but find them challenging

  • You want to take the next step to continue progressing your riding


  • You have attended a Beginner and/or Step It Up skills session/course

  • You regularly ride Green and Blue trails

  • You are comfortable riding a variety of trails and terrains

  • You are confident with your basic skills and want to start adding more techniques to your skillset

  • You want to build skills to start riding more technical terrain

  • Advanced Intermediates may be starting to ride Black trails


  • You are confident riding some Black trails

  • You are starting to ride harder Black trails

  • You are confident riding a variety of trails and terrains

  • You can perform a wide range of skills but your consistency needs improvement

  • You can identify areas within your riding that require improvement

  • You want to dial your skills on specific features, terrain, or techniques


​Feel like you're reading to start jumping? Make sure you can check off these skills before you go: 

  • Bunny hops

  • Front-wheel lifts

  • Understanding and consistent application of Ready and Neutral body positions

  • Confident riding a variety of terrain, including Blue trails

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